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Guest Post - 1693: Elizabeth Emerson

"Thanks for the guest post to Robert Wilhelm of the Murder By Gaslight historic crime blog, and author of the book Murder And Mayhem in Essex County. Executed Today readers are sure to enjoy Wilhelm’s detailed investigations into long-lost historic crime. -ed."

From Pirates and Privateers

Murder & Mayhem in Essex County

"The stories in this book all take place in Essex County, Massachusetts. They are a mix of truth and legend, but the author allows the reader to draw his/her own conclusion about each one. Wilhelm presents this collection in a chronological sequence, from the earliest days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony to 1900. The introduction sets the scene and provides historical background the general reader might not know. Each chapter includes black-and-white photographs of people, artifacts, and places pertaining to the subject matter."

From Lizzie Borden Warps and Wefts

January Musings

"January is a great time for catching up on our Lizzie reading and some new entries in the historical crime arena. W&W recommends Murder and Mayhem in Essex County by Robert Wilhelm. Murder and mischief was alive and well in Massachusetts long before Miss Lizzie! If the name sounds familiar, Mr. Wilhelm also publishes the popular vintage crime blog, Murder by Gaslight and The National Nightstick, all great reading for the amateur armchair sleuth on a cold winter’s night. and Stay tuned for reviews. Here’s wishing you a cozy January by the fire and a good wallow in crimes of the Past."

From Early American Crime

EAC Reviews: Murder and Mayhem in Essex County by Robert Wilhelm

"Robert Wilhelm has earned a reputation for writing compelling accounts of 19th-century murders on his blog, Murder by Gaslight. He has more recently taken on a new project, The National Night Stick, which chronicles the oddities and outrageous behavior of 19th-century society. Now, in his new book, Murder and Mayhem in Essex County, Wilhelm adds stories of 17th- and 18th-century crime to his repertoire...

The audience for Murder and Mayhem in Essex County is by no means limited to those who live in and around Essex County, even though specific places and buildings at times figure prominently in these criminal tales. Indeed, the intriguing personalities of the people involved in these crimes, and the importance of the area to early America, make the book a must-read for anyone interested in the dark side of New England history."

Murder & Mayhem in Essex County

by Robert Wilhelm

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